Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Cali dreamin'!

I made this page to show a selection of the places, activities & food that we enjoyed (or in the case of the apples talked about enjoying but never actually did!) In the middle I stitched the square in place and inside I am going to have little journalling cards about what's in each square... coming next a road trip page and the highlight of Arne's trip!


Cupcake Crazy Gem said...

Oh this is super cool! I love the patchwork effect of all the pics! it's such a good way to sum up the trip (funny about the apples too!) and I like the purple and turquoise colour scheme. That Cali Dreamin motif is awesome..and I like that you stitched it! It will be great with all the journalling in too...this makes me want to be in Cali right now!!! xxx

Mel said...

Loving this page - the square pics are really cute. Where did u get those from? I remember how much we loved this pic of Arne cycling past the baywatch boat!!!
I think I know what is to come...Mr Squidgee! xx

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