Thursday, 8 December 2011

Copy cat!

The latest of my california scrap pages. I don't think Mel can accuse me of copying her 'big breakfast' layout, just the title but great minds think alike!


Mel said...

Your big breakfast layout is sufficiently different to mine - so I will let you off. To be fair what other title could you have used? Remember that chubby little kid eyeing up the tip on the other table??
That middle layout is cool - I haven't scrapped the hulas yet, though that was a cool moment. I'm not keen on the shot of my backside though!
The last layout makes me think of simon - remember when he thought it was a hamburger when he saw our pics??
I will upload more of my layouts later -I've made plenty it's just picturing and blogging them! xx

Mel said...

P.S Love the cupcake ribbon!!

Cupcake Crazy Gem said...

Your pages are awesome Mar! I like the ribbon tags on the breakfast one, and I love the circles on the hula page! those stickers look just like the coloured spots you get in office world but they are so effective on the LO! and I LOVE the cupcake page, the lettering is so cool and the cupcake ribbon is amazing! x

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