Thursday, 15 December 2011

Road trip!

So Mel was right one of the highlights of Arne's trip was when we filled up with petrol and he got the squidgee out to clean the windows - look at that pure enjoyment on his face! This was the number plate on our hire car, I got lots of pics of number plates and that's another story! (and page..)


Mel said...

Love it - I used similar paper and stickers for my layout of this pic. It probably is the happiest pic we have of him on this trip. He thought it would be a pic of him at Five Guys!!!
I forgot to tell you that we got a fine through from that toll road and another fine from Dollar Rental for admin charges - what??! Ridiculous!
Will give you a call over the weekend - it's my last day tomorrow - woo!!

Cupcake Crazy Gem said...

Ah so glad you picked up on my colour co-ordinating bauble tops and cases!
This page is great, I love all the American touches and the stars at the bottom and the little discover California sticker is too cute! I love the 'fill me up' sign but I really wish you'd done some kind of subtle reference to Grease 2 since that's what squidgee-ing peoples windscreens reminds me of!! haha xxx

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