Sunday, 18 December 2011

Cupcakes and pom poms!

So here is my second cupcake layout of our California trip. We visited alot of cupcakeries and this was definitely a favourite of mine - Yummy cupcakes in Santa Monica, we tried popcorn cupcakes, chocolate & coconut cupcakes and rootbeer frosting shots - my favourite flavours and they tasted spot on! They had so many flavours to choose from and even sold cupcakes made in a jar!

I think the page still needs something in the top right hand corner and my journalling was done in a light green pen which doesn't really show up so might change this!

I've also spent this weekend wrapping presents and I couldn't wait to make some pom poms following the simple tutorial video on this blog

All you need is some wool, sharp scissors and your hand! I love how easy they are to make and they look really effective as a decorative touch on christmas presents - my favourite part is when you have to give them a haircut!!


Mel said...

Those root beer shots were the best - she didn't seem that impressed when I took a second one though.
Do you remember when we used to make pom poms with Sabine and turn them into animals? Loved it!

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